​Ina Yoon 
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Chief Harp Officer

Harpist, entrepreneur, international trade expert and a wine professional. 17 years in harp, and still loves it!

Ina Yoon (Harpistina)

Chief Harp Officer & Artistic Director

Ina Yoon (Harpistina), Harpitree's Chief Harp Officer & Artistic Director is a Korean-Kiwi harpist, entrepreneur, international trade specialist, harp trader, and a wine professional based in Auckland. 

Ina's musical journey start at her age of 5 with the piano in Korea. Once she immigrated to New Zealand with her family, she started learn the harp from New Zealand's one of the renown harpist, Yi Jin. Her teachers include Carolyn Mills (NZSO), Louise Johnson (SSO), Ann Yeung (University of Illinois), Maria Luisa Ryan (USA) and more.

Ina's career was more focussed on the international business and the wine industry in her 20s. While she was keep pursuing in the professional area, she never stopped harping. During the weekday nights, weekends she took her harp and played with the local orchestras, professional musician groups and at the numerous events.


In her early 30, Ina decided to pursue her harp dream, W