Everything old really is new again and Rees Harps is no exception. William Rees began building harps in 1972. He kept his dinosaur in back of his hut and worked in the stable. (Actually, he worked in a corner of his garage but that's so long ago we can barely recall it ourselves.) Garen Rees, William's son, has been in the business since before he graduated from high school and now, well into his thirties, he's ready to "assist" his dad into retirement so that he can just get on with it already! Like William's wife, Pamela, Garen's wife, Melissa, is in the business too so we truly are keeping the crafting of your harps in our family. We absolutely love what we do and we can't help but think that our relationships with you and with these wonderful instruments shines through in every harp we make.


Light but versatile, crystal clear tone

* Fixed Price Offer in NZD - no additional charge except for the domestic delivery when needed*