Financial Plan

Few financial plans available.

Gem Visa - 6 months interest free

Gem Visa

Apply a Gem Visa card, purchase a harp over $1,000 value and get 6 months interest free. 

One off admin fee maybe applied by Harpitree NZ.

ASB Visa Light Card

ASB Visa

ASB Bank offers Visa light card with smart rate purchase feature. For all transactions over $1,000 you will get 6 months interest free. After 6 months, 13.5% rate will be applied.

One off admin fee maybe applied by Harpitree NZ


Lay-by by Harpitree NZ


If you prefer a lay-by option, Harpitree NZ can organise this. Minimum of 30% deposit is required, and the remained balance would need to be paid within 12 months. Manual payment for automatic payment can be set up. Interest free option, a small fee maybe applied if you prefer to set up automatic payment with a credit card.

Hire & Purchase Programme

Hire & Purchase


Already hiring a harp from us? Check our Hire & Purchase programme!