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Embark on Your Harp Journey Stress-Free!

I know harp purchasing can be an overwhelming, so much brands out there and you might get lost from the very beginning. 

This service is perfect for you if you are unsure where to begin, have no nearby experts or dealers, have limited time for research or just wish to get an opinion from the different perspective (of course from the expert). 

Investing in a Harp is a Big Decision—Avoid Regret and Let Us Guide You to Your Perfect Match. Explore, Choose, and Play Your Dream Harp with Confidence


Consult with Harpistina,
Founder & Director at harpitree

I'm Harpistina (Harpist Ina Yoon), a harpist, harp entrepreneur, tutor, and harp dealer based in New Zealand.

As a younger version of myself, I always struggled to find a harp for myself. There wasn't much information available out there, and there were no dealers I could ask! I understand your pain, and I'm here to help.

As the director of New Zealand’s leading harp distributor, I've handled many types of harps and assisted numerous customers in finding their dream instrument.

One-on-One 30m

Harp Buying Consultation


What I can help:

  • finding the harp that fulfil your purpose

  • expertised brands: camac, lyon and healy, salvi, waring, mikel, aoyama, harpsicle-harp, harpitree-harp, Pakistanis harps

  • some knowledge: dusty strings, resonance, firebird, harp kits

  • harps that I know: lap harps, Celtic harps, lever harps, harp kits, cardboard harps, pedal harps

  • tips on finding the right harp for you

  • information about dealers

  • how to order harps

  • what to consider

  • any questions on harp buying

What I can't help:

  • Ancient harps, vintage harps, baroque harps, lyre, triple harps

30-minute zoom consultation
+ Bonus Offers


FREE Bonus Offers

  • Full credit back towards your harp purchase through harpitree 300 NZD (150 USD)

    • NZ customers - applies to all brands we carry, International customers may not be eligible 

  • 3 x follow up emails (up to 500 words/email) 450NZD (255 USD)

  • E-Book 'The Complete Harp Purchasing Guide' 45 NZD (25 USD)

  • Lists of Harp Brands & Distributors contact details 45 NZD (25 USD)

  • 25% discount code for 'The ultimate harp purchasing guide' video guide when it is launched 45 NZD (25 USD)

Bonus Value: up to 885 NZD (500+ USD)

Total Value:

1,185 NZD (675 USD) >

Only 300 NZD(170 USD)

(78% Discount!)

sales btton

Booking Request
*Request a booking after you purchase the service*

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