Harpistina Studio and Harpitree NZ organised the 'Mini Harp Course - 4 weeks course' for the first time!

Anyone can be participated but you may be allocated within the similar age group. 

A small group class (3 participants per class) will allow you to have a focussed learning environment.

The course will be run by a qualified and experienced harpist & harp tutor; Ina Yoon.


No need to worry about purchasing or hiring instrument as it will be provided during the classes.

Everyone will have their own harp to play during the class time. 


Anyone can join this short introductory mini harp course, learn, play and experience this rare but beautiful instrument. 


*Waring 19st mini harp will be provided during the class time*


Once we receive the interests, we will contact you individually to confirm the date and time. 

The booking will be finalised once you confirm your attendancy and make a full payment after you receive an invoice from us.