Built in 2013, only 6 years old,  
one professional owner. 
Looked after so well. 
Fully restrung beginning of this year. 

Bought as brand new from Lewis Eady, 
46 strings, about 178cm tall, extended soundboard with beautiful decoration. 
Excellent condition - except minor scratches. 

Current retail price of this model is $33,500. 

Comes with; 
Camac transport bag; $1500 
Tuning key 
Dust cover 
NZHS custom built trolley with straps; $900 
String sets; $1500 

Total Value= $37,400, Saving $7,400. 

View before bidding is welcomed, 
Available to pick up from Dannemora, Auckland from 1st December.

AOYAMA Vega46 Semi-Grand Concert Harp