Inlaid Concert Grand


Height: 188 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Range: 47 strings, 00G to 7C · G00 - C45
Woods: inlaid pear wood / Pirus communis (body), spruce (soundboard), beech (neck and base)
Materials: Inlays: sycamore and walnut. Detailing in white mother-of-pearl
Finishes: natural pear wood


Canopée has grown out of years of research – a fruitful collaboration between our master craftsmen and Jocelyne Réal. Réal, a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, has made an original masterpiece for us. It takes almost six months to make the harp, involving over five thousand individual parts. Rare woods and mother-of-pearl are at the heart of a unique creation.

Climb up to this vantage point; draw closer to the rays of the sun. Discover the beauty and nobility of these rare essences, luxury woods, and the richness and power of our instrument’s incomparable sound.