Electric Llanera

Height: 152 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Range: 37 strings, 1E to 6D · E1 - D37
Stringing: Camac Llanera nylon (E1 - C24), nylon bass wires (B25 - D37)
Materials: Carbon fibre
Finishes: black, blue, red, green, white. Speciality finishes / 'True Fire' finish to order



Camac’s adventures in South America began with the acoustic llanera, built on request for the the famous harpist Edmar Castaneda. Then, during a visit to Venezuela, Leonard Jacome told us of his dream: an electric, solid-body llanera, directly descended from the DHC Blue Light. Leonard wanted a very light harp in carbon fibre, with a pickup on every string.

The Electric Llanera’s extended range (37 strings, to low D), levers, and piezo-electric pickups have brought this llanera harp into the twenty-first century. It will be highly attractive to all harpists looking for powerful amplification possiblities, in the service of an innovative type of music.

Electro Llanera 37