Height:     147 cm


Weight:    13.8 kg


Range:      38 strings, C00 - A36


Woods:     Maple and beech for the body, spruce for the



Finishes:    Natural maple, cherrywood, walnut, mahogany, 

                   ebony, green, red. Custom finishes to order,

                   soundboard decoration options


Included Accessories: Dust Cover, Tuning Key

Many years ago, Camac Harps were proud of their Excalibur harp, for musicians in need of a powerful, unique instrument. Like the mythical sword, this harp is no longer with us. But now, Excalibur rises again, in a new model! It is a large lever harp, offering very even string tension, a specially-designed soundboard, and an optimal balance of soundboard frequencies. Its sound is huge, astoundingly rich, and even.


Excalibur offers a new rapport between its new soundbox, large range conceived for all types of music, and contemporary string tension. It is a musical benchmark, offering the artist an innovative new relationship with their instrument.