Buy the Musopoly Game Board and Puppy Packet together and save!

Bought seperately, Musopoly and the Puppy Packet would cost $121.45

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Game Rules

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Includes all the items in the Musopoly kit and a complete Puppy Packet. 

Musopoly Kit

  • Musopoly game board
  • 10 gold coins
  • 6 colored pawns
  • 2 dice

Puppy Packet

  • Alphabet Cards
  • Blue Jello Card - Set 1
  • Do Re Mi Cards
  • Folding Staff Slate
  • Grand Staff Cards
  • Rhythm Playing Cards
  • Music Symbol Cards - Set 1
  • Tempo Cards
  • Handbook
  • Magic Notes
  • Magic Notes Container
  • Magic Wand
  • Puppy Packet Carry Box

Musopoly & Puppy Packet