Students can play simple through advanced card games with the notes and rests cards to learn to read rhythms and understand rhythm math.

Students use the cards to:

  • Learn individual notes and rests
  • Understand common groupings of notes
  • Develop the ability to recall information quickly by playing fun games


Buy Notes and Rests Cards seperately here or as part of the Puppy Plus


  • Deck includes two identical sets of green and yellow cards, each with 35 cards. 
  • Two sets make it possible for several students to share a deck of cards and to play many games.
  • The single notes and rests and groupings of notes are the same as those used in the blue jello word cards.
  • Cards are 2.5 inches wide (6.5 cm) and 3.5 inches (8.5 cm) tall. 
  • Three guide cards and instructions for six games:


    Notes and Rests Pairs

    Notes and Rests Card Chart


    Two Chances

    Singing Counterpoint Snakes


Notes and Rests Cards