These products are PDF downloads of the printed music book Songs of the Harp by Sylvia Woods. The book itself is out of print, and this music is ONLY available in downloadable PDF format.

The music includes 20 songs all about harps and harpers. Most of the songs are from Wales and Ireland. The harp arrangements include the melody, and therefore can be played with or without a vocalist. The pieces are In the key of C or sharp keys with full fingerings. Sylvia has added duet parts for several of the songs, and a Welsh variation to Let Now The Harp. This music is for advanced beginner to intermediate harp players.

To see the keys of the pieces, click on the note icons and links below to open a low-resolution sample of the first few lines of music.


  • The Bards Lament
  • David of the White Rock
  • The Mountain Minstrel 
  • Now Strike the Harp Gladly
  • Strike the Harp 
  • Let Now the Harp 
  • The Bard of Armagh 
  • The Nobleman's Wedding
  • Dear Harp of My Country
  • The Harp that Once 
  • The Legacy
  • The Minstrel Boy
  • My Gentle Harp 
  • The Origin of the Harp
  • Shall the Harp then be Silent 
  • Sing, Sweet Harp 
  • The Wandering Bard 
  • Night Dance 
  • Two Sisters 
  • Little David

Songs of the Harp by Sylvia Woods PDF DOWNLOADS