Students use these double-sided cards and the included accessories to place clefs, write notes, write intervals, use ledger lines, write key signatures, scales, triads, chords, learn solfege, and practice sight-singing and take dictation.

The twelve identical cards have different colored borders, each with one small Music Mind Games kid to add a little humor for students and show up and down orientation.

  • Side 1: The grand staff has printed clefs and only enough space for the three notes (B, middle C and D) found between the clefs to make it easy for students to learn the relationship between the two staffs. 
  • Side 2: The single staff is without a clef so students can choose the clef they want to use.


How does the staff slates pack differ from the folding staff slate that comes with the Puppy Packet? 

The Staff Slate Pack cards are slightly narrower than the Staff Slates in order to match the size of the melodic bingo cards.

The folding staff slate includes one double sided slate with a rainbow border as well as clear transparencies with clefs, sharps, flats, etc. The folding staff slate is cut in the middle to fold for convenient storage and transportation inside the Puppy Packet.



  • 2 x two-sided cards
    • Measuring 11x16 inches or 28x40.5 cm
    • Coated with an environmentally-friendly aqueous coating for durability
  • Staff accessories 
    • 1 x set of transparent clefs
    • Each clef has a cute little face to subtly direct the student to the line that carries the clef's letter name.
    • The clear ledger line sheets can be used when needed - just like real music.
    • Accidentals include sharps, flats, naturals, double sharps, and double flats.
  • Curwen hand signs chart
  • 100 magic notes (Used as notes and/or markers in games.)
  • 1 magic wand


All other accessories can be purchased seperately. 

Staff Slate Set