Made in St.Petersburg, Russia

Resonance Harps company was founded in 2006 by a group of luthiers, former craftsmen of Lunacharsky harp factory (USSR). We all shared the same passion for harps - our dream was to revive the production of fine pedal harps in Saint-Petersburg. And we managed to fulfil this dream: at the moment we are the only manufacturer of concert harps in the region, and one of the few manufacturers with a complete production cycle in the world. 

We did not just preserve the traditions of Russian
harpmaking, which extend back for over 60 years but modernized the traditional manufacturing process as well. Our harps are created by us from scratch, including their design and action, with extensive use of modern 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines. 

At the moment Resonance Harps produces several pedal harp models: starting from smaller 40 strings chamber harps, up to full-size concert grand harps with 47 strings and extended soundboard. Our harps are based on contemporary technical solutions and meet all harpists’ demands. The instruments are well balanced, lightweight, comfortable to play and possess a remarkable sound. Besides pedal harps, we also produce professional lever harps, with tension and spacing similar to pedal, and electroacoustic harps. 

Being a relatively small factory we are able to devote all the necessary attention and labour to each harp we create. We strive not to mass-produce pedal harps, but to create instruments with unique tone and individuality.

Lever Harps

Pedal Harps