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​Ina Yoon 
​GradDip Music
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Chief Harp Officer

Harpist, entrepreneur, international trade expert and a wine professional. 17 years in harp, and still loves it!

Welcome to Harpitree New Zealand.

My journey with the harp started when I was a teenager, who wanted to pick up a new but fun instrument to learn. I was very lucky, as my local music government funded music school was offering harp lessons and have harps  to hire! I was fascinated by its sound, beautiful posture that you do like an angel, and that sound  that touches my heart.

Since that time, my passion on the harp never stopped but continuously has grown, to the stage where I now working  as a harp business owner, harp educator and a harpist for a full time. I never regret my journey with the harp, and love how my life has been shaped with this amazing instrument. I am pretty sure that you feel the same.

When I was looking for harp purchasing options, there weren't many available in New Zealand, and everything looked very difficult and risky to import by myself. I was hoping there are wider options and easier ways to purchase harps. With a lot of encouragement and support from my family and harpist friends, I started to commercially import harps in 2017.

Within a less than 5 years of trading, Harpitree NZ became the leading harp distributor in New Zealand, titled as an authorised dealer of Lyon and Healy (USA) and Salvi (Italy), an official agent of Camac Harpes (France), an exclusive distributor of Harpsicle-Harps (USA), Rees Harps (USA),  Waring Music DIY Harp Kit (USA), and in the middle of working on our house brand; Harpitree Harps.

Not only being a nation's leading harp distributor, we aim to be a leading harp education provider by offering high standard of harp and music education. Lessons are offered various locations across Auckland, and available via online.

There are so many awesome harps out there (and creepy ones too), and we want to bring only quality harps, and share with all kiwi harpists who love harps just like me. We promise that we will be with you all the time with your harp journey, and offer the best products and services.


Have a harpy day!

​Ina Yoon

Chief Harp Officer

Harpitree NZ

@2021 Harpitree New Zealand

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