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Chief Harp Officer

Harpist, entrepreneur, international trade expert and a wine professional. 17 years in harp, and still loves it!

Welcome to Harpitree New Zealand.

Harpitree New Zealand is New Zealand's biggest  and leading harp distributor, proudly owned and operated by a Kiwi entrepreneur & professional harpist Ina Yoon. Our showroom is based in East of Auckland.

Harpitree's beginning was very humble, started by importing 3 small harpsicle-harps in early 2017. With a big support from the New Zealand harp community, harpist friends from all around the world, we now became the nation's biggest and the leading harp distributor.


We have the widest range of harp selection. We are an authorised dealer of Lyon & Healy and Salvi, exclusive distributor of Camac Harpes, Rees Harps, Harpsicle-Harps, Waring Harp, Sylvia Woods production, Harpo and Music Mind Games.

Our recent partnership with Lyon & Healy and Salvi is one of the biggest achievements that we  have brought to our New Zealand harp community. With an on-going communication since 2017 with Lyon & Healy team, we finally offered a dealership in 2020. Now our customers can enjoy all three world-renown brands under the one roof. This could not been done without our wonderful customers and our small but beautiful NZ harp community. 

We value our New Zealand harp community and harpist friends, and care their harps as ours. We only import harps with the safest and the most economical way. We also take quality matter very seriously. Our harps first come into our showroom, unboxed, have a thorough quality check, then organise a pick up or deliveryWe would never ask our customers  to take risks by sending harps from the shipping company without an in-house quality check. This is our far most important promise, and we would never compromise on it.

Harpitree NZ is not only the nation's biggest and the leading distributor, but is a harp education provider. With an extensive knowledge in music and teaching, Ina has set up a harp studio/school hoping harps to be more heard and played. The school provides high quality harp education for both private and group, young kids to adult students. We also love community music projects. We work hard to make the harp and music more accessible by everyone in our NZ  community. 

Harpitree NZ is a distributor, supporter, entertainer, the one and the only store that you need for all your harp matters.


Have a harpy day!

Chief Harp Officer & Artistic Director

Ina Yoon

More about Ina's professional harp journey: www.harpistina.com follow Instagram: harpistina_nz