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harp pricing

There is a slight variance within the harp pricing depends on brands. It often affected by the exchange and the freight rate. In the post-Covid-19 world, the freight rate accelerated and the rate is different week to week. Some brands we secured the fixed price and some are varied. Many of our harp pricing except what is in stock or coming soon are estimated only, and this will be varied by the time customers place orders.  

Fixed Price Brands

Estimated Price Brands

  • harpsicle-harps

  • ​harpitree-harps

  • ​waring harps

  • mikel harps

  • lyon & healy harps

  • salvi harps​

  • camac harps​

  • rees harps

terms & conditions

Harpitree has the right to change the price anytime without notice.

Estimated price brands - price will be fixed when you place an order.

Please talk to us before you place an order. 

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