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Shipment Report: Harpsicle-Harps Jul 2021

Finally, our shipment that was delayed hugely got arrived into our showroom last week. Harpsicle-Harps is the first brand that Harpitree imported and we have built a strong and trustful business relationship with them over the past 5 years. It was the largest shipment from Harpsicle-Harps and amazingly most of harps got pre-sold. We have such awesome customers who have supported us and waited their lovely harps so patiently.

3 gigantic harp cartons arrived, filled with awesome harps.

Harps were well travelled - amazing Harpsicle-Harps team packed our harps within the world-class standard 👏🏻

All harps got out from the cartons - ready to unpack and the quality check.

15 new harps in the house!

Some special custom orders were included in this shipment including Rees Harps - Meghan small harp.

Look at this gorgeous Special fullsicle harp + Dandelion ornament and pick up installed!

Another walnut special fullsicle harp with hummingbird ornament + pick up installed.

Grand-Harpsicle White with 33st and a pick up installed. Ready to plug into an amp/speaker.

A couple of harps from this shipment is still in stock, and we will have larger shipment coming around October. You can always place a custom order with your colour of choice and an ornamentation.

Have a harpy day!

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