By Samuel Milligan.  Beginning techniques, care and tuning of the harp, basic hand positions, simple pieces. For teacher and classroom use and for self-instruction.


The position at the harp; the position of the hands: Antrim Fair, Merrily We Roll Along, Do Do L’Enfant Do, March, Anything You Can Do, Westminster Bells, Little Jonnie Three-Note, Dublin Bells, Let Me Teach You Frere Jaques; Introducing F-Sharp: Round Dance, Lazy Mary;Thirds: Eleven Twelve Thirteen, Waltz; Sixths: The Goose Girl, Good King Wenceslaus, Silent Night, The Fermata, Tantum Ergo, Concordi Laetitia Jasmine Flower, Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes, Dutch Mariner’s Hymn; Groups Using the Fourth Finger: Kol Slaven, The Northern Princess, There Stands A Little Man from Hansel and Gretel; Strings; Replacing Broken Strings; Tuning the Harp; Care of the Harp

Fun From the First Vol.2