Beloved pedal harp is on sale. 

Pick up from Dannemora Auckland showroom. 


Consult before press the buy button please.

On the market again as I came back from the overseas permanently and now planning to upgrade to the full size concert grand. 

Only one careful professional owner. 

Maker: Aoyama 
Built year: 2013 (7 years old)  
Country of Origin: Japan 
Model: Vega 46 
Colour: Mahogany 
Soundboard: Extended + Deco 
Height: 178cm 
Type: semi grand pedal harp with extended soundboard 
Includes: harp, dust cover, stair climber harp trolley, tuning key  
Purchased from: Lewis Eady 

Current market value; 
Harp; $33,500  
Trolley; $1,000 
Total; $34,500 

Viewing before buying is possible but only open to the serious buyers PLEASE.

[PRE-LOVED] Aoyama Pedal Vega46